Is It True That Our Whole Life Is a Lie

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In my mind i, knew there was something wrong, life was not meant to be like this, the creator would not put in all this effort to create such a beautiful creation as the planet we dwell on, just to make mankind miserable;

The fact is, this whole planet runs on commercial law, it is commerce, business, or contract law, our whole life is a contract, they just don't tell you the facts or what is true;

Why would they not explain what is true, So that the globalist controllers can maintain control, keep the majority of mankind in poverty while they employ the other tiny minority of mankind through blackmail and extortion to keep us under their proverbial thumb;

It is a true to life matrix, and we are in it;

BUT do you want some assistance on how to keep hold of your own steering wheel and steer your life in the direction it should be going, rather than where the cabal want your life to be directed

We are pure souls of beautiful energy, we were sent here to learn, to be tested, to see if we have what it takes to keep a strong hold on our steering wheel and not allow a devil to take over and drive us to HELL

Come and join our PMA of free souls, the souls that refuse to allow the cabal devils to take control of the steering wheel of our life, this is our lesson, our classroom to learn how to live with the creator

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