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Once you sign up to, you also automatically join our affiliate program and are given a unique affiliate ID:

(Your affiliate ID will be displayed in the affiliate dashboard:

All you have to do is send visitors to our site, and we'll convert them into customers

You earn 60% on the amount of all sales of and our courses before tax

This is a lifetime affiliation: The contacts you refer us are tagged with your affiliate ID in the database. Even if they don't buy anything until 6 months or a year later, you'll still earn commissions on their purchases

2. How does our lifetime affiliation work?

When one of your referrals opts-in using your affiliate link, your affiliate ID remains linked to your referral's email address for life:

In every email we send out to your referral, we also include your affiliate ID ( does this automatically).

3. How to promote

To promote the affiliate program, simply add ?sa=YOURAFFILIATEID at the end of the URL anytime you mention any page (for example the home page, a page from our blog, or any of our landing pages, sales pages, or payment pages - any page that's part of

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